Schlagsahne, Kampnagel Hamburg 2020

Kinder & Jugendliche / Tanz

With a composition by Sven Kacirek, the three perfomers have brought an exploration of the emotion of rageon stage. The target group is children from the age of 6. The aim is to valorize anger and to invite to a differentiated experience of this stigmatized emotion, especially for girls*.

Von und mit: Dennis Deter, Sarah Lasaki, Regina Rossi
Musik: Sven Kacirek Kostüme: Sophia Sylvester Röpcke
Dramaturgie: Barbara Schmidt-Rohr
Produktionsleitung: Eliza Posny Fotos: Anja Beutler

Kampnagel September 2020

Fotos: Anja Beutler

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