Sophia Sylvester Röpcke, born 1982, has been working as a costume designer since 2009 and as a stage designer since 2013. Since several years they have also worked as a lighting designer, performer, moderator, author, and interactive space designer for encounter formats.
The works are characterized by precise observation, intensive research and mental agility. The audience is taken seriously as an actor in the artistic process. The working process is based on curiosity and sensitivity and aims at enrichment and empowerment. Collaboration also plays a huge part in their art.

The productions are shown in city theaters, the independent scene, in galleries and queer subcultural venues in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. A long-standing collaboration connects them with the internationally active chilean author and director Guillermo Calderon. After graduating in costume design at HAW Hamburg in 2010 and a variety of projects, they added a Master In Peformancestudies at UHH in 2022. they are also co-founder of the literary magazine

Recently questions of maintenance and sustainability on material- as well as on social levels became more important in their work. This lead to the „BackstageBack“ series.

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