Körper Deluxe


Körper deluxe is a piece about different approaches to visibility and invisibility. Based on various interviews with performance artists from different perspectives and live dance and performance working on the topic. The room is extremely cozy and designed to give the audience a feeling that they are allowed to settle in who ever they are and whatever needs their bodies provide them with. The multi media installation works with a 360 degree perspective and two big stretch screens. Another important element is the top down camera from the rigg working with blue screen materials.

Mit: Josep Caballero García: Künstlerische Leitung und performance
Andrea Keiz: Videogestaltung; Anne Kersting: Dramaturgie; Bernd Boßmann, Bridge Markland, Dita Rita Scholl, Katharina Bromka, Lotte Speiser, Michael Schumacher, Thomas Möller: Performance virtuell; Chiara Galesi: Produktionsleitung live und virtuell; Christoph Grothaus: Sounddesign; Claudia Hill: Textil Kunst; Emilia Patrignani: Textil Kunst Mitarbeit; Daria Geske: Künstlerische Mitarbeit; Jana Köster: Lichtdesign; Lea Martini, Enis Turan, Toni: Performance live; Manuel Gerst: Recherche Bühnenbild; Sophia Sylvester Röpcke: Bühnenbild und technische Leitung; STÜCKLIESEL: PR und ÖA; Teresa Hähn: Produktionsleitung live

copyright Fotos: Simone Scardovelli


Premiere auf Kampnagel, Oktober 2022

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