BackStageBack – Der sterbende Kran

theatrical catastrophy-comedy performance with Team BackStageBack

The dying crane is a painful comedy about working conditions and economies of recognition. It adresses invisible work on the backdrop of a backstage situation right before the beginning of a general rehearsal. The audience takes part in the production as the choir and get’s caught in the overall tension and displays of competition, denial and solidarity. The play is based on the story of production which was developed during a musical – strike on Reeperbahn 2001.

Backstageback is a production which turns the view of the audience around: Instead of in front of the stage the audience is seated in the backstage and witnesses the tideous preparation of the general rehearsal where confrontations between power-positions, material and time itself take place. Who will make it on stage on time and how does visibility matter in regard of identities and works?

Konzept, Performance, Ausstattung, Musik: Sophia Sylvester Röpcke
Performance: Brenda Alais, Göktuğ Engel, Hedda Parkkonen, Sujin Lee, Toni Weisse; mit Unterstützung von: Kallia Kefala, Marcus Barros Cardoso, Aleix Llussà Lòpez, Katharina Pelosi, Alex Luth, Eno Graber, Johanna Wölfing, Ricarda Schnoor, Jelle Landt, Eva Wentland, Hans Jürgen Weber, Su Jin Kim, Sebastian Matthias, Marcel Schwald, Maryam Bravo, Maxie Grabo, Madeleine Hellgren.

Lichthof Theater, Premiere Juni 2022

copyright Fotos Phengty

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